About Me

Right out of High School, Michael Oliver set out and joined the United States Navy where he then learned his love for photography.  While saving money amidst a long, strenuous 8 month deployment to the Northern Arabian Gulf, he saved up his nickels and dimes for a camera.  His first camera, a 30D (Canon… of course).  He then began taking pictures at the porst his vessel ported in.  Unable to take pictures of people because of constatnly being on the ship, he shifted his focus to still life. After shooting still life for a couple of years, He then realized that he enjoyed shooting people more.  After his 6 year stent in the Military, he then set out for a job and some strobes to learn to shoot people.  Seven photography and photoshop books later, and still no job but a decent understanding of photographing people, he realized he REALLY wanted to pursue this.
After a lot of Research, he realized that he was ok…  But wanted to be the best so he enrolled in the best school around. Brooks Institute of Photography based in Santa Barbara, California.  Not far from his hometown, the San Fernando Valley, he set out using his Montgomery GI Bill and numerous student loans.  That is where he will remain until September 2012.  Stay Tuned!