Well I GUESS I should make a blog….

Ok so I’m on winter break from school and have no life when school is out.  So let me be productive and keep you in the loop of whats going on with me… visually.  Because there is no way that I am going to sit here and create a blog where I have to type… Not gonna happen.  I think I am too lazy for that!  I have never done anything like this before…. So I’m pretty sure its gonna get ugly in the beginning!!! But bare with me… It will be decent in no time =)

Ok… To fill everyone in so you are up to date.  I will only be posting images from school forward.  As much as I would like to post old stuff… Well my dumb ass deleted it all! Thats the story in a nutshell.

Feel free to click on any images to make them bigger.

So I’m gonna throw out some images since school started… not much… And why not start with this one.  Isn’t she beautiful? 😉

Lil Monster

My first "usable" image from PHT111

OK… moving on. The next “usable” image from PHT111 was this one.  The Assignment was to create a magazine cover for your magazine of choice.  We needed to leave space for the Name of the magazine up top… and not too much detail down one side… So here we go… My kitchen at my house in Santa Barbara shot with a medium format 4×5 film camera.

My kitchen in Santa Barbara

30 E. Quinto St.

Ok here is another PHT111 image.  Now I have to send a big thank you to Lilly and Eva for going on a manhunt to find this kid in a playground full of 100’s of kids!! But they did… And thanks for that… (I was to scared :( ) … needless to say I failed on this image.. but fuck him…I like it 😉 Also shot on the 4×5 camera.


Baby Blue Eyes

Ok… Now here was a fun shot.  I was with Lilly (again) and (again) Lilly found this guy for me because I was too scared to go talk to him.  It was an assignment to shoot a portrait in open shade with no direct sunlight. I told the guy I would buy him a 40oz. beer if he posed for me…. HE WAS ALL IN!

Ed at the Beach

So that was PHT111 in a nutshell. I was VERY not my style… Didn’t enjoy 90 percent of the assignments. That is why you only see a select few 😉  And Im not just posting the good ones.  Remember I told you I failed one of them.

Moving on to PHT112… The crazy thing here is that the class was 7 long, intense, excrutiating weeks, and all I have to show is 2 images!!!!!!!

To you that may seem crazy… but they were all technical assignments except the last one. And here they are.. They were like finals, but photos.. so I call them Photo Finals 😉  Proud to have gotten A’s on both!

This was SUCH a fun photo to have produced… and it is immensely easy with such a beautiful model!  Took a while becuase it had to be done with film.. I wasnot allowed to merge the photos in photoshop so I had to do a double exposure. Loved it!

Fashion Meets Fine Art

And the next is Pricilla.  Another phenomenally easy model to shoot.. SOOO comfortable in front of the camera.  I really wish it was always this easy!

Priscilla at the Beach

So your now all caught up!  Check back very soon to see whats new!  Thanks for your time! Ciao


  1. nicky v wrote:

    Nice pics. The first girl is very very beautiful and the shoe is awesome. I have always been a fan of your work your very talented. Love you mikey

  2. tunaone wrote:

    shit was real nice fam!! that one with the shoe and the double exposure my fav!! def sumthing crazy ive never seen b4!!! shit looks good though! i still have all the shots u did that one day u shot me and each from and the homies let me know i can email those to you just so u haev sum of yer old stuff still!

    respects lets set up sum shoots soon!!

  3. rodrigo baldwin wrote:

    damn…. love it !! you got some skillz! my 3 fav pics the one of lilly , the little boy and the old man….cant wait to see more!!

  4. Keiana Hudspeth wrote:

    finally… you are so late. so am I but thank you for inspiring me to get my own blog back on track. bfa

    • Keiana Hudspeth wrote:

      Oh great pics too… hahaha. you have showed me most of them already. still can’t get over the kitchen one.